Chic Building Ltd is fully qualified and certified to demolish buildings

Every site is unique where a huge array of different challenges may present themselves. Every demolition has to be carefully planned and rigorously carried out individually.

Our primary concern is always site safety

Experienced Chic staff are highly trained in all aspects of demolition and demolition awareness and conform to the highest standards with regard to health and safety satifying all relevant HSE safety issues eg Asbestos Awareness Certification, Electrical Awareness Certification etc.

All demolition sites are fully secured and correctly staffed with comprehensive insurance placed on a site by site basis.

The minimum policy level is ยฃ10 million and thereafter in multiples of further ยฃ10 million extensions.

Materials are always recycled wherever possible with the remainder correctly removed and disposed of ethically by certified transportation and disposal companies.

Recent Demolition Projects

A large derelict engineering works was demolished for development of the brown field site into new environmentally residential housing.

Safety issues relating to this demolition included removal of a large amount of asbestos in the building and hydro carbon contaminated ground.

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