Environment Design

Chic Building LTD believes that every construction site should focus on reducing the footprint of the housing and dramatically increase the sites environmentally legacy.

Clever innovative design is the key to a profitable build with greatly enhanced environmental features.

Chicโ€™s aim is always to leave a site many times more environmentally rich and sustainable than when we started.

We work with the RSPB and local water companies to vastly increase the number of insect species and hence birds, invertebrates etc.

Bat boxes are always provided.

Chic prefer to use air heat source pumps instead of gas, photo voltaic panels for maximum electricity generation and if possible environmentally friendly sewage.

Intelligent heavy shrub and tree planting are always featured on new house construction sites.

Environmental sites currently under design by Chic Building Ltd

A 1.5 acre site in Somerset for 5 detached environmentally positive houses featuring an existing badger set reed bed natural sewage, insect habitats, bat and bird boxes etc.

Project is currently at advanced design stage.

Plans to be posted on site shortly.

A six acre site in South Wales to provide 25 homes with lakes to encourage endangered bird and invertebrate species. Specialised habitats for rare bat and bird species.

Project currently at initial development and design stage.