Joint Ventures

Chic Building Ltd, and associated companies are currently involved in several joint ventures, including the provision to provide full funding.

We are always happy to discuss further ventures with architects, developers and private individuals.

Very often developments can not proceed because funding is an issue. Chic can help facilitate the development of such sites.

Joint ventures currently under development

A single house development of five large detached, environmentally friendly, low energy houses, set in 1.5 acres in a beautiful Somerset village.

The site will have the highest environmental credentials possible. The individually designed timber framed houses will be constructed with the emphasis and focus on increasing the wildlife within the site. 35% of the site has been set aside to create natural drainage, reed beds and ponds, for sewage and rainfall removal. Advice is being sought from the local water authority with regard to introducing new and different pond species such as insects and frogs. Existing badger sets are being retained and increased. Permanent bat boxes will be built each house. Heavy perimeter and site planting of trees and shrubs will be designed, coordinated and managed by the RSPB to vastly increase the number of insects and subsequently bird species. I addition a separate nature education area will also be provided.

It is the intention of the developers to enter this site for national construction and environmental awards.

Estimated start date, late 2020.

Joint venture near Swansea to provide approximately 30 house on 6 acres of land.

Estimated start date 2021.