Gorgian Townhouse Mansard Roof – Bath – Completed December 2018

Chic Building Ltd is currently providing a completely new Mansard roof on this lovely five story Gorgian townhouse in central Bath.

The double pitched roof was in a very poor state with two unstable chimney breasts, roofing membrane that was in shreds, cracked tiles etc.

Chic Ltd will renew the rotten roof timbers, replace the old bitumin felt with a new high quality modern membrane covered by double Roman tiles. The ridge tiles will be repositioned and the broken and cracked hanging slates on the front and rear angled sections replaced and hung with coppers nails and coppers spacers.

New code 5 lead wil ensure the flashings last decades and when the 4 meter high chimney breasts are repointed and any cracked stone replaced the roof will be restored to its former splendour.